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Goodbye Greece!

During the trip to Athens, Greece in October, Georgia Miller took over our Instagram at @orangewoodpca to give us a glimpse of what it's like. Check out all her previous posts below!

Goodbye Greece! It was great to see all the work God is doing there through all of our partners in Athens. Pray for the small community of evangelical Christians there that they continue to grow and spread the Gospel to all kinds of people. #owoodgreece

House Damaris

Follow along with our team in Athens this week on Instagram at @orangewoodpca as Georgia Miller takes over!

This morning at House of Damaris, a safe house for trafficking victims, the girls present what they have accomplished this week. A couple of our team members taught painting and drawing as both therapeutic activities and useful skills! It was great to see their excitement in their finished projects - one even went so far as to say she had never been so happy in her whole life!

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